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MAR 12/18



New items
› Amethyst Cluster Lamps 7" and 9" *IN STOCK
› Selenite Crystal Lamps 35cm and Agate Scones
› Tumbled Seraphinite Pendants, Charoite Slice Pendant
› Freshwater Pearl Beads: 8-10mm round and Barouque
› Gemstone Geodes and Clusters *Arrival in March
› Shaped and Rough Gemstones, Amethyst Cathedrals, Charoite - Larimar - Agate Slices

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From L4E 0H9

"Crystals that acquire an electric charge when compressed, twisted, or distorted are said to be piezoelectric. Through the piezoelectric effect, mechanical energy can be converted or transduced into electromagnetic energy, and vice versa. With this in mind, it is not difficult to imagine that crystals may be capable of transforming or amplifying other forms of energy that may not yet have been detected by scientific instruments." - Reference: Elemental Energy, Crystals and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life by Kristin Petrovich.

* Shipping within Canada only. Click on an image for details.


Gem Tree Details: approx. 20-22cm (8 - 8-1/2") height/trunk, 16-18cm (6-1/2 - 7") width, base: Clear Quartz Stone, or Amethyst Cluster, or other Natural Gemstone.
Gemstone Chips Bonsai Trees: 8cm (3") height/trunk, 8cm (3") width, 5.5cm (2-1/4") width of the base: Quartz Crystals Cluster.
Origin: Handcrafter in Brazil.
Close-up: Citrine » Amethyst » Carnelian » Sodalite »
IN STOCK: Citrine (1 tree) , Amethyst (1 tree), Carnelian (1 tree), Sodalite (1 tree), Hematite (1 tree), Green Aventurine (1 tree), Rose Quartz (1 tree)
Price (CAD), Gem Tree 8" height: $43.95 /each


IN STOCK: Chrysocolla Chips Bonsai (2 trees), Amethyst Chips Bonsai (1 tree)
Price (CAD), Bonsai Tree 3" height: $49.95 /each


New items
IN STOCK, arrived March 12th: Hematite Gem Tree, Rose Quartz Gem Tree, Green Aventurine Gem Tree, Amethyst Chips Bonsai Tree 3"
Chrysocolla Chips Bonsai Tree 3" height. Photography © Irene & Mr. Sheep Co.
* Picture is enlarged to show details.

* Shipping within Canada only.

Details: 18 cm in circumference, 10mm round-cut beads, stretch cord for easy fit.
Origin: Handcrafter in Brazil. Authenticity and quality guaranteed.
Assortment (from left to right):
› 1st picture - Amethyst, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Clear Quartz.
› 2nd picture - Labradorite, Green Aventurine, Hematite, Gold Tigerseye.
IN STOCK: Amethyst (4), Carnelian (3), Rose Quartz (3), Sodalite (3), Clear Quartz (2), Labradorite (3), Green Aventurine (2), Hematite (3), Gold Tigerseye (3).
* Arrival in March, Authentic: Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Black Tourmaline, Howlite, Unakite, Red Agate new item
Price (CAD): $24.99 /each.

* Click on an image for details. Shipping within Canada only.

Styles: Teardrop, Flat Teardrop, Puffy Heart, Aura Point. Size: 3.5 - 4 cm (1-1/2"),
close-up 1 » close-up 2 »
Origin: Handcrafter in Brazil. Authenticity and quality guaranteed.
Assortment (from left to right):
› 1st picture - Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Black Tourmaline.
› 2nd picture - Blue Topaz, Aqua Aura + 925 Sterling Silver, Clear Quartz.
IN STOCK: Rose Quartz Teardrop (1), Amethyst Teardrop (1), Citrine Teardrop (1), Black Tourmaline
Teardrop (1), Blue Topaz Flat Teardrop (1), Aqua Aura Point with 925 Sterling Silver Top (1), Clear Quartz
Puffy Heart (1), 1" Amethyst Cluster Silver Plated Pendant (1).
Price (CAD): $18.50 /Teardrop, $46.50 /Aqua Aura + 925 Sterling Silver, $12.00 / Puffy Heart,
$19.00 / Amethyst Cluster


Amethyst Cluster Pendant: 3cm (1") length - 2cm (3/4") width - approx. 1.5cm (5/8") height. Back of the pendant is a rough stone - not plated with any metal for safe wear on the skin.

* Picture is enlarged to show teuxture.



AMETHYST KEYCHAIN: Each keychain is made with authentic amethyst crystals sourced in Brazil. Length of the crystal varies between approx. 4 to 5 cm (1.5-2"). No same shapes. Made in Brazil. Each keychain is packed in a purple organza pouch.
Price: $9.99 /each + purple organza pouch

* Shipping within Canada only.

Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz crystal, a semi-precious stone. As a known fact, this mineral gives off negative ions and far-infrared rays. It creates cleansing energy upon the nervous system and is used as a powder in detox products to drive toxins away from your body.
Amethyst Keychains. GEMSTONE GIFTS »



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