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spun in China,
handpainted in Canada

This monofilament, spun silk yarn is uniform in shape, elastic, shiny, super soft, and is slightly twisted for better pilling resistance. It drapes exceptionally well and is not crunchy (tightly twisted, plied spun silks are crunchy to the touch). 100% Soft Spun Silk (Icelandic Silk) is available in a shiny Natural White. All silks are extremely versatile - they are warm in winter and cool in summer. Please be advised: Very gentle hand wash is recommended to avoid pilling. Please find care instructions below. Knit spun silk tight. * Handpaints are crafted in Canada by Makalu Yarns' dye artist.

FYI Silk fiber is very elastic. Be aware that when it is knitted into a garment, it can lose its shape and stretch out. However, the fabric will come back when blocked. Knit silk tight. - Reference: E. Eskensen, "Silk Knits"

* Similar yarn: Maharashtra Silk, Silk Yarn

FIBRE: 100% Soft Spun Mulberry Silk
YARN WEIGHT: Heavy Worsted/Aran
TENSION: 16 sts / 20 rows
NEEDLES: knit tight on 4 mm (US No.6)
LENGTH: approx. 142 m / 157 yds
SKEIN WEIGHT: 100g (3.5oz)
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Suitable Patterns: Silk Knits
MSRP (CAD): $29.99 /handpaints
Sale Price (CAD): $24.00 /handpaints
IN STOCK: hand dyed semi-solids: 06 Sapphire semi-solid (3 hanks), 08 Emerald semi-solid (2 hanks). * Natural White will be re-stocked in JULY-AUG.
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Spun Silk Garment Care: Soak your silk garment 1-2 hours in the sink with lavender wash or any other woolwash "no rinse". Do not agitate as this can cause pilling. Before lifting the garment out, drain the sink, and very gently squeeze the garment to remove excess water using a towel or a piece of cotton cloth. Dry flat on a towel, pulling the garment into correct shape. Store silk knitwear flat in a storage bags for extra protection against pilling and stretching. Do not hang silk knitwear on hangers. Iron with a damp cloth, press lightly just to steam the garment.


Natural White
* Out of stock
Re-stock in AUG


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Pullover, Anny Blatt
Sea Green Pullover, © Anny Blatt, IREN FASHION Magazine № No. 3, 2012 Yarn: Anny Blatt Victoria.
06, Sapphire
* 3 hanks
  08, Emerald
* 2 hanks



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