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Toronto, Canada

Last modified on
APR 15/17
INCREDIBLE DK, 100% German Angora DK


Orkney Angora INCREDIBLE DK,
made in Scotland

The home of responsibly sourced angora in the UK.


Incredible DK is a hand-dyed, millspun, smooth and uniform, 1st grade pure German angora in double knit weight. It is manufactured in Scotland, Island of Orkney. This yarn is unbrushed, has a lower than French angora per cent of shedding, quot;blooms" exceptionally well, and is suitable for both hand and machine knitting of medicinal articles and thermal clothing including sportswear, different types of warmers and undergarments. Incredible DK is available in hand-dyed solid and hand-painted colours, and two yarn weights: 4 ply-fingering /light sport weight and double knit.

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Facts about angora rabbit wool:
Angora knitwear was doctor-prescribed in Europe for the pain relief, without drugs. Many people use angora garments and medicinal articles to treat different kinds of pain: headache - angora hats, scarves, or headbands to sleep in, back pain - angora T-shirts or waist warmers, knee arthritis - angora knee pads. Some of the manufacturers of medicinal wear, like Sigvaris, commercially manufacture different types of angora warmers.
Instead of wearing layers of warm clothes of different styles and origins to survive the Canadian Cold, we put on just one thin, feather-weight angora garment under a coat or a jacket, and enjoy all the beauty and advantages of Winter Wonderland.

Labels: The manufacturer does not supply labels for this yarn. We apologise for the inconvenience. Due to the lack of labels, each batch/dyelot is stored separately in our shop, and all balls per colour are shipped only in the same dyelot. Should you have any concerns or more detailed information be required, please contact the manufacturer - Orkney Angora. Thank you for your interest in our products. - Irene & Mr.Sheep Co.

This yarn is easy to care for: wash a garment with eucalyptus wash or any other woolwash "no rinse" in cold water. Use the same temperature of water for washing and rinsing to avoid "shoking" the fiber. Do not wring out the garment - roll it in a towel and gently press to remove excess water. Dry flat pulling the garment into correct shape, away from direct heat and sunlight. Do not iron, and do not hang angora knitwear on a hanger.
* If your angora garment lost its angora "halo" (usually, after incorrect washing), just gently brush it with your hair-brush on both right and reverse sides. The garment must be dry. - Irene & Mr.Sheep

* Similar yarn: Incredible 4 ply, Angora 100, Nature, Angora, Elsness DK, Lambgora

√ Clearance
* Discontinued by the manufacturer
FIBRE: 100% German Angora
YARN WEIGHT: Double Knit
TENSION: 10x10cm (4"): 20 sts / 28 rows
NEEDLES: 3.25 - 4 mm (US No.3-6)
LENGTH: approx. 200 m / 223 yards
BALL WEIGHT: 50g or 25g
Shade Card
Usage: 400 g for Ladies' 42" bust sweater ( or 200g 4 ply)
PATTERNS on Ravelry: Incredible DK (link: www.ravelry.com/yarns/library/orkney-angora-incredible-100-angora-dk/projects)
PATTERNS: Angora Bolero download pdf
Irene & Mr.Sheep Knitwear © imrsheep.com:
Incredible DK Olive Vest, Leaflet № PB-IR103
Men's Angora Vest, Leaflet № PB-IR061
MSRP (CAD), 50g ball: $39.99 / 50g
Sale Price (CAD), 50g ball: $39.19 / 50g
IN STOCK: solids, 50g balls: 02 Grape (5 balls), 04 Jade (3 balls), 09 Azure (1 ball), 10 Tangerine (4 balls), 13 Slate (1+1 balls), 14 Violet (5 balls), 15 Lavender (1 ball), 16 Aqua (4 balls), 18 Brilliant Yellow (2 balls), 19 Powder Lemon (4 balls), 20 Magenta (2 balls), 24 Chocolate (4 balls), 27 Black (3 balls), 29 Silver (6 balls), 30 Shamrock (2 balls), 36 Royal Blue (2 balls)
Request colour description or quantity »
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  Currently, we accept bank e-transfers (Canadian Funds) and certified cheques/bank drafts/money orders (CAD and US funds). We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please check our News for updates. Online credit card processing will be resumed. Thank you for your patience.

* Please be advised that slight tone-on-tone colour variations may occur due to hand dying in small batches. Batch to batch shade variations occur. There may be slight flaws in the colour at the first wash, this is natural for commercial dyes on natural fibers.


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SNOOD and HAT, MODA Knitting
SNOOD and HAT © MODA Knitting № 581, designer: Olga Stepanets


Incredible DK Olive Vest, © Irene & Mr.Sheep Co., enlarge Yarn: Incredible DK

Suitable patterns: Angora Bolero, © Burda Tricot, Winter 2008; yarn: Angora Fashion [80% Angora, 20% Polyamide].

INCREDIBLE DK, 100% German Angora DK, 02 Grape 02, Grape
* 5 x 50g balls
  INCREDIBLE DK, 100% German Angora DK, 13 Slate 13, Slate
* 1+1 x 50g balls
  INCREDIBLE DK, 100% German Angora DK, 14 Violet 14, Violet
* 5 x 50g balls
  INCREDIBLE DK, 100% German Angora DK, 16 Aqua 16, Aqua
* 4 x 50g balls
INCREDIBLE DK, 100% German Angora DK, 18 Brilliant Yellow 18, Brilliant Yellow
* 2 x 50g balls
  INCREDIBLE DK, 100% German Angora DK, 19 Powder Lemon 19, Powder Lemon
* 4 x 50g balls
  INCREDIBLE DK, 100% German Angora DK, 20 Magenta 20, Magenta
* 2 x 50g balls
  INCREDIBLE DK, 100% German Angora DK, 24 Chocolate 24, Chocolate
* 4 x 50g balls
INCREDIBLE DK, 100% German Angora DK, 29 Silver 29, Silver
* 6 x 50g balls
  INCREDIBLE DK, 100% German Angora DK, 30 Bottle Green 30, Shamrock
* 2 x 50g balls
  INCREDIBLE DK, 100% German Angora DK, 36 Royal Blue 36, Royal Blue
* 2 x 50g balls


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