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Queensland Collection
made in Italy

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From: L6A 0A2

Queensland Collection Savanna is an eco-friendly, naturally organic luxurious blend of mulberry bourette silk and linen. It is constructed as a 3-ply thread in double knit weight, each ply is a an S-twist of two fibers. This natural, brand-new for Spring-Summer 2015, yarn is suitable for all-year-round knits in open-work stitch patterns and crochet, including baby knits and home decor projects. It is machine washable on a gentle cycle. The finished garments are breathable and have a stylish appearance.

* Similar yarn: Lontue, Llama Silk

√ Clearance
FIBRE: 66% Raw Silk, 34% Linen
YARN WEIGHT: Double Knit
TENSION: 1" = 55.5 sts
NEEDLES: 3.75 - 4 mm (US 5-6)
LENGTH: approx. 230 m / 250 yards
MSRP (CAD): $25.99
Sale Price (CAD): $24.95
IN STOCK: 01 Black (lot of 5 hanks), 02 Mottled Grey (lot of 5 hanks), 03 Opulent White (lot of 5 hanks), 04 Écru (lot of 5 hanks), 05 Fawn (lot of 5 hanks), 10 Crimson (lot of 5 hanks), 11 Burnt Orange (lot of 5 hanks), 12 Quince (lot of 5 hanks), 13 Tarragon (lot of 5 hanks), 14 Turquoise Glaze (lot of 5 hanks)
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Garment Care: hand or gentle machine wash with woolwash "no rinse" in lukewarm water (40C). Lay flat to dry, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. Do not bleach.

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01, Black
* Lot of 5 hanks
  02, Mottled Grey
(Slightly Bluish Grey and mottled: Grey silk and Off White linen)
* Lot of 5 hanks
03, Opulent White
* Lot of 5 hanks
  04, Écru
(Unbleached Linen)
* Lot of 5 hanks
05, Fawn
(Pale and Dusty Greige)
* Lot of 5 hanks
  10, Crimson
* Lot of 5 hanks
11, Burnt Orange
* Lot of 5 hanks
  12, Quince
* Lot of 5 hanks
13, Tarragon
* Lot of 5 hanks
  14, Turquoise Glaze
* Lot of 5 hanks


BLANC MAJEUR © BURDA TRICOT Été 2015, designer: Evelyn Hose


TOP-BIKINI AND SHORTS © BURDA TRICOT Été 2015, designer: Clara Lana, yarn: Lang Nelly


Suitable patterns:
LANGLEY © BURDA TRICOT Spring-Summer 2015, designer: Käathe Stö dter, yarn: Schoeller + Stahl Estra [34% Cotton, 34% Acrylic, 22% Viscose, 10% Linen]

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