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new item
IN STOCK: WILD FIBERS Vol 13 Issue 1. MSRP: $20.95

WILD FIBERS Magazine, FALL 2015


FALL 2015, Vol 12 Issue 3.
Published by Linda Cortright, 76 pages.
Articles: Goat Farm in Afghanistan;; Galina Khmeleva - The Pushkin of Lace Knitting; A Tangled Web of Russian Goats; Magic Cloth of Bali.
Price: $15.95 * weight: 320 g





SPRING 2015, Vol 12 Issue 1.
Published by Linda Cortright, 70 pages.
Articles: Why Llama is a true jewel in the camelid family?; Falkland Island sheep; Understanding the Fair Trade world of fibers; How to convert crops into clothing: Think Hemp.
Price: $15.95 * weight: 305 g



WILD FIBERS Magazine, Winter 2014-2015


WINTER 2014-2015, Vol 11 Issue 4.
Published by Linda Cortright, 70 pages.
Price: $15.95 * weight: 295 g



WILD FIBERS Magazine, Summer 2014


SUMMER 2014, Vol 11 Issue 2.
Published by Linda Cortright, 84 pages.
Price: $12.99 * weight: 290 g



WILD FIBERS Magazine, Spring 2014


SPRING 2014, Vol 11 Issue 1.
Published by Linda Cortright, 84 pages.
Price: $12.99 * weight: 290 g



WILD FIBERS Magazine, 10th Anniversary


10TH ANNIVERSARY Vol 10 Issue 4.
Published by Linda Cortright, 84 pages.
Price: $11.95 * weight: 290 g



WILD FIBERS Magazine, Spring 2013


SPRING 2013 Vol 10-01, Published by Linda Cortright, 84 pages.
Articles: Holy Threads - A century ago, a small village in Burma began weaving Buddhist robes with lotus fiber, a painstaking effort that takes one year to complete a single set; Fibershed! - Slow clothes not only keep you warm, they build community and a valuable way of living off the land; This Little Goatie Went to Market! - It's goats galore at the weekly market in Nizwa, but that's only beginning of life in the mountains; Rare Thoughts: Old Norfolk Horn Sheep, Life Beyond the Last Breath - Discover how one breed "came back" from extinction; The Perils of Luxury - Sometimes luxury doesn't always bring happiness.
Price: $9.95 * weight: 270 g



Wild Fibers Magazine, Summer 2011


SUMMER 2011, Published by Linda Cortright, 84 pages.
Articles: Why is America's Rarest Sheep stored in a test tube! - The CVM (California Variegated Mutant) is America's rarest sheep. When the original CVM/Romeldale flock was dispersed in 1982 by Glen Eidman, only one farmer eventually stepped forward who was completely committed to keeping the bloodlines pure; Hare Today, Hare Tomorrow - How did Pope Gregory I help set in motion an industry that would eventually lead halfway around the world!; Meet the Mexican bug Cochineal that coloured the world! - Torie Olson travels off the beaten path in Oaxaca, Mexico, to learn how colorful life is on the nopal. Complete list of features »
Price: $9.95 * weight: 270 g



Wild Fibers Magazine, Spring 2011


SPRING 2011, Published by Linda Cortright, 84 pages.
Articles: Stonehadge Fiber Mill Goes Global - Chuck McDermott, a former manager at General Motors, is now dedicating his "retirement" years to ensuring that there will always be a place for the American farmer and his flock. In 1998, his Stonehadge Fiber Mill officially opened its doors. Now his fiber mill custom-processes about 1,500 to 2,00 pounds of raw fiber a month for customers throughout the U.S. and around the world. Gotland's Lord of the Lambs - fanciful and fuzzy, the Gute is Sweden's oldest sheep breed and not to be upstaged by its popular descendant, the Gotland. Hollywood has done the Gute sheep a great injustice. When "Lord of the Ring" came to the silver screen in 2003 nearly every knitter on the planet (along with millions who don't knit) knew that the magnificent, grey fellow-ship-cloaks were spun from Gotland wool. Is Your Wool Predator Friendly? - Laurie Marker, founder of the Cheetah Conservation Fund, is changing the way farmers handle predators. In Western countries where farming is frequently a hobby and questions of gun control are guaranteed to erupt in a heated dispute, solving the problem of predation peacefully is perhaps a more understandable alternative. Complete list of features »
Price: $9.95 * weight: 290 g



Wild Fibers Magazine, Fall 2010


FALL 2010, Published by Linda Cortright, 84 pages.
Articles: If I Were a Rich Man - invasions, plaques, and political upheaval dominate Peru's alpaca history; Aftershock - How will keep Jade Tree spinning after the earthquake in Tibet?; Made in U.S.A. - Becca Smith turns a forgotten fleece into an amazing bump of yarn; Fortune or Fuel? - Fill-up your car with alpaca fuel? Alpaca breeder Dan thinks it could someday happen. Complete list of features »
Price: $9.95 * weight: 270 g



Wild Fibers Magazine, Summer 2010


SUMMER 2010, Published by Linda Cortright, 84 pages.
Articles: Modern Day Ice Age - discover the untold story behind Arctic Qiviuk; On The Road Again - India has nearly 80 million nomads, no one can ever really count them all, but the Rabari have been roaming the state of Gujarat for centuries taking their camels, sheep, goats, and children as they go; Buy Stock in America - the future of fiber farms in America never looked better as Susan Gibbs takes the lead in launching the first farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), to grow crowd of fans and shareholders. Complete list of features »
Price: $9.95 * weight: 280 g



Wild Fibers Magazine, Spring 2010


SPRING 2010, Published by Linda Cortright, 84 pages.
Articles: Saving Incan Textiles - in the heart of the Peruvian Andes, Nilda Alvarea is Preserving ancient weaving tarditions that were nearly lost; To Russai With Love - changing careers from diamonds to goats in Lesotho (a former diamond digger now turned Angora goat farmer); Falling Fortunes - declining cashmere prices are creating hard times for Mongolia's nomads, but they have survived far worse. Complete list of features »
Price: $8.95 * weight: 270 g



Wild Fibers Magazine, Winter 2009-2010


WINTER 2009-2010, Published by Linda Cortright, 84 pages.
Articles: Coral Stephens Handweaving - in tiny town of Piggs Peak, Swaziland, weavers have been creating innovative mohair designs, with a little help from the king, for 60 years; Never Say Dye or how to change lives by changing the color of cotton; Hard Times in the Gobi - interest in baby camel fiber is on the rise, will the ship of the desert survive?; Appearing the Goddess - the river goddess is happy now in polluted and poisoned by toxic dye waste Pangang and Thailand, - handweavers started to use safe natural dyes; etc. Complete list of features »
Price: $8.95 * weight: 280 g



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