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Richards Lynn and Tyrl Ronald J., Dyes from American Native Plants
Rimoli Anna Paula, Amigirumi World
Rimoli Anna Paula, Amigirumi Two!
Rowan, Denim People
Rowan, Rowan's Greatest Knits
Rowan Studio, The Rowan Story Book of Little Knits

Square Vicki, Knit Kimono
Stanfield Lesley, 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet
Stitch Style: Socks, Twenty Fashion Knit and Crochet Styles © Collins & Brown
Storey Martin, Nordic Knits

Varney D., Spinning Designer Yarns
Vogue Knitting, The Best of Vogue Knitting Magazine
Vogue Knitting, Felting On the Go

Ward Linden and Hiatt Beryl, Hand Knit Skirts
Ward Linden and Hiatt Beryl, Handknit Style
Ward Linden and Hiatt Beryl, Handknit Style II
Wallin Marie, The Rowan Story Book of Little Knits
Wynn Silvia, Creating Made-To-Measure Knitwear

Yafa Stephen, Cotton, The Biography

Dyes from American Native Plants


Richards Lynn & Tyrl Ronald J., DYES FROM AMERICAN NATIVE PLANTS, A PRACTICAL GUIDE. A comprehensive guide and catalogue of American native dye plants. Supplies, equipment, and the processes of natural dyeing are described as well. This is a collection of more than 4,600 dye samples obtained from 158 native North American plant species. Published by Timber Press /Portland • Cambridge, hard cover, 406 p.
Contents: Introduction to Natural Color, Brief History of Natural Dyeing, Dye Supplies and Equipment, The Process of Natural Dyeing, Nature's Rarest Dye Colors, Nature's Own Color, Nature's Most Brightest Color, Nature's Autumn Dye Color, Nature's Neutral Dye Color, Materials that Produce Little or No Color. A Catalogue of Native Dye Plants, Conversion Tables.
Price: $33.95

Amigurumi World, Crochet


Rimoli Ana Paula, AMIGURUMI WORLD, SERIOUSLY CUTE CROCHET. Get "hooked" into the quirky world of Amigurumi! Crochet these irresistible cute creatures - today's coolest craze in crochet. Over 20 projects of funky designs including mommy and baby owls, hedgehogs, penguins, cupcakes, ice-cream cones, etc. All projects are super hip and super quick to make - you need only basic crochet skills and small amounts of yarn. Find complete insturctions for adding facial features and other embellishments. Published by Martingale & Company, paperbound, 80 p., Samples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Price: $18.95

Amigurumi Two!, Crocheted Toys


Rimoli Ana Paula, AMIGURUMI TWO!. With quirky faces and out-of-proportion body parts, these wildly creative and imaginative toys are irresistible! Crochet a comical tool set that includes a hammer with a funny face. Or create sweet bunnies and teddy bears wearing pajamas and each carrying their own little bunny or teddy bear. Choose from 25 fun and funny designs, including a crib mobile and stroller toys especially of r Baby. Learn how in just minutes - most projects require only single crochet and few basic finishing techniques. Published by Martingale & Company, paperbound, 84 p., Samples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Price: $22.95

Rowan, Denim People


Rowan Studio, DENIM PEOPLE, 30 designs knitted with Rowan Denim for men and women by Kim Hargreaves, Martin Storey, Louisa Harding, Leah Sutton, Erika Knight, Carol Meldrum. Published by Rowan Yarns, paper bound, 146 p.,
Samples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Price: $26.95


Rowan's Greates Knits


Rowan Studio, ROWAN'S GREATEST KNITS, 30 years of knitted patterns from Rowan Yarns. Contents: The Rowans Story, The Designs in the 80s - profile of Kaffe Fasset, 90s - profile of Kim Hargreaves, 00s - profile of Marion Foale. 30 Patterns, including Brioche by Annabel Fox, Beaded Cardigan by Kim Hargreaves, Sugar Plum by Louisa Harding, Surf by Martin Storey, Emmeline by Sarah Dallas, Rosebud by Sasha Kagan, Powder Puff by Kaffe Fasset, Geneva Cardigan by Erika Knight, Fontaine by Marion Foale, Dew by Kim Hargreaves. Published by The Taunton Press, hard cover, 158 p.
Price: $31.95

Knit Kimono


Square Vicki, KNIT KIMONO. In this book, its authour provides 18 original designs with simple shapes, each reflecting a style or feature of traditional kimono. Ideal for beginners and advance knitters alike, these casual to formal projects are based on the classic boxy shape recognized worldwide as an icon of the Japanese lifestyle. These unique designs each illustrates knitted interpretation of a style or feature of a traditional kimono. Published by Interweave Press, paperbound, 130 p., Samples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Contents: Introduction, Kimono Basics, Design Your Own Kimono, Resources, 18 Projects: Iki, Kabuki Theater, Samurai Jinbaori, Water & Sky, Taiko Happi, Haori with Crests, Komon, Reeds & Grasses, etc.
Price: $29.99


100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet


Stanfield Lesley, 100 FLOWERS TO KNIT AND CROCHET. A stunning collection of beautiful blooms for embellishing garments and accessories, plus leaves and vegetables. This book is graded according to skill level - with complete step-by-step directions and technical information. It includes inspirational ideas for using flowers in a range of fun ways, from customizing clothing to decoration gift-wrapped packages [Samples]. Published by St. Martin'e Griffin, alk. paper, 130 p.
Contents: Before You Begin: crochet symbols, terminology, aftercare, abbreviations, etc.; Directory of Flowers: flowers, leaves, fruit and vegetables, including tea rose, tulip, carnation, peony, anemone, petunia, viola, lavender, borage, bluebells, marigold, chrysanthemum, daffodil, butterflies, lily of the valley, morning glory, ladybugs, mistletoe, snowdrops, blackberry, carrots, lemon, grape, radishes, asparagus, sunflower, fig, cherries, etc.; Technical Instructions; Projects: clothespin bag, evening purse, ruffles, summer shoes.
Price: $23.95


Stitch Style: Socks, Twenty Fashion Knit and Crochet Styles


STITCH STYLE: SOCKS, Twenty Fashion Knit and Crochet Styles © Collins & Brown. Whether you're ready to go wild and bold or play it cool and chic, this collection of high-style knit and crochet sock designs will help you put your best foot forward. Twenty projects include long and short socks in hot new colors and styles. Finish many of these socks over a weekend - includes a basic technique section for beginners. Knit or crochet on the go with a compact, slip-in-your-bag book size. Published by Martingale & Company, alk. paper, 102 p.
Contents: Mary Jane Socks, Kilt Socks, Fleur-de-lis Slippers, Striper Socks, Textured Socks with Flowers, Flip-Flop Socks, Gypsy Flower Socks, Silk Hose, Cable Leg Warmers, Beaded Leg Warmers, Ribbon Socks, Slouchy Socks, Diamond SlippersCrown Slippers, Lace Anklet Silk Socks, etc. Yarns in use: Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Lana Grossa, Louisa Harding, Noro, Twilleys (100% wool, 100% silk, 100% cotton, 100% merino and blends).
Price: $21.95

Nordic Knits, Martin Storey


Storey Martin, NORDIC KNITS. 29 stylish small projects inspired by Scandinavian design. In this book, a top designer at Rowan offers a range of Nordic-inspired stylish accessories and home items that are based on traditional patterns with a contemporary twist and are small enough to be both easily portable and quick to complete. Projects include: multi-colour hats, legwarmers, scarves, cable and Fair Isle socks, mittens, bags, vests, a cozy shrug, stole and simple cape, pillows, placement and table runners - all made in natural yarns. Published by St. Martin's Griffin, alk. paper, 140 p., samples: Astrid Scarf & Hat, Astrid Legwarmers, Elli Scarf & Hat, Thora Shrug, Nordic Cushions, Kari Stole, Hans Vest, Pia Snood, Liv Poncho-Style Cover, Henrick Shoulder Bag, Lotta Scarf, Snowflake Coaster, and much more: Fair Isle and cabled socks, totes, placemats, runners, mugwarmers.
Price: $29.99

Spinning Designer Yarns


Varney Diane, SPINNING DESIGNER YARNS. Learn new methods for applying dye to fibers, predict how novelty yarns will look in finished fabrics, blend fibers for color and texture effects, and spin singles and plied yarns in exciting ways. Published by Interweave Press, paperbound, 100 p. * bestseller.
Contents: General Considerations (spinning wheels, sampling, finishing yarn, commercial yarns), Thinking about Design (yarn design, thickness, loft, and spinning method, ply, durability, pilling, etc.), Spinning Control (yarn size, twist, woolen or worsted, etc.), Color (dye types, dyeing raw fiber, variegated dyeing, etc.), Fiber and Color Blends, Making Yarn ( curly, fuzzy, club, Navajo ply, spiral, crepe, knot, tufted, etc.)
Price: $20.95

Best of Vogue Knitting


Vogue Knitting, THE BEST OF VOGUE KNITTING MAGAZINE (25 years of articles, techniques and expert advice). The best articles, ideas and advice from the past two-plus decades of VK have been collected in one stunning volume.
Contents: Knitting History, Starting Out: Basic Techniques, Working with Schematics and Charts, Expert Finishing Tricks and Techniques, Knitting in the Round, The Design Process, Shaping and Sizing, Caring for Knitwear, Designing Men, Designing Women. Published by Sixth&Spring Books, hard cover, 248 p.
Price: $38.95

Felting on the Go


Vogue Knitting, FELTING ON THE GO. 20 original projects made from 100% wool yarns, techniques used: felting in the washer and by hand. Published by Sixth&Spring Books, hard cover, 90 p., samples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Price: $18.95

Handknit Skirts


Ward Linden and Hiatt Beryl, HAND KNIT SKIRTS from Tricoter. The trendsetters of Tricoter are back with a collection of gorgeous, easy to knit skirts. This fashionable collection hand-knitted skirts showcases styles to suit women of any age. Most of the designs are knitted in round, no seams to sew or front-back to match up. Only a few designs use increases, decreases, or complicated shaping techniques. Each stylish skirt sports an elastic waistband for easy wear. Published by Martingale & Company, hard cover /foldout with concealed wire-o, 86 p. /16 designs, Samples: cover | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Price: $27.95

Handknit Style


Ward Linden and Hiatt Beryl, HANDKNIT STYLE, Contemporary Sweaters from Tricoter. Craftrends 2005 Winner of Award of Excellence. Pair spectacular yarns with 16 simple shapes that are fashion-forward, fast to create, and fun to wear. Published by Martingale & Company, hard cover /foldout with concealed wire-o, 96 p., Samples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Price: $49.99

Handknit Style II


Ward Linden and Hiatt Beryl, HANDKNIT STYLE II, More Contemporary Sweaters from Tricoter. Sixteen classic and chic sweaters, knitted from fashionable yarns, feature daytime and dressy styles. Published by Martingale & Company, hard cover /foldou with concealed wire-ot, 96 p., Samples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Price: $42.99


The Rowan Story Book of Little Knits, Marie Wallin


Wallin Marie, THE ROWAN STORY BOOK OF LITTLE KNITS. A charming story and collection of 25 hand knit designs for children aged 3-10 years Contents: Apples for Tea, The Tree House, The Dog with Many Friends, The Allotment, The Cake and the Missing Apples,.., Chapter Seven: A Found Farewell. 25 Little Knits, The Patterns: Gosling, Starling, Jay, Magpie, Dove, Kite, Duckling, Serin, Sparrow, etc. Published by Rowan Yarns, hard cover, 168 p., Samples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Price: $30.95

Creating Made-to-Measure Knitwear, Sylvia Wynn


Wynn Silvia, CREATING MADE-TO-MEASURE KNITWEAR, A revolutionary Approach to knitwear design. Few of us are the ideal shape, and yet knitting patterns traditionally cater for uniform dimensions. The revolutionary, 'dimenstional knitting' system, described in this ground-breaking book, allows for individual bust, hip and shoulder measurement, enabling you to create garments that fit the body you actually have. Published by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications, paperback, 110 p., Samples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Contents: Tensions and materials, How to create a garment for your size and shape, Finishing, Back/Front/Side Panels for all types of garments (jumper, tunic, jacket, waistcoat, dress, etc.), Sleeves, Shaped Armholes, Mock Cable Bands and Buttonholes, Straight Skirt, Gored Skirt, Reverting to side seams.
Price: $22.95

    * In Stock: 1 copy

Cotton, The Biography of a Revolutionary Fiber, S. Yafa


Yafa Stephen, COTTON, THE BIOGRAPHY OF A REVOLUTIONARY FIBER (S. Yafa - a novelist, playwright, video producer, award-winning screenwriter). What do lipstick, gunpowder, crackers, and paper money have in common? In a word, cotton - at any given time practically everyone on earth is wearing or using or eating something made with it. From its domestication some 5,500 years ago to its vast control today over our government policies, this is the incredible story of the crop that spawned the Industrial Revolution, sparked the American Civil war, and made at least one bug - the boll weevil - world famous. Circling, the globe and cutting across centuries, "Cotton" is the epic tale of the humble fiber that - again and again - reinvented our world. Published by Penguin Book /History, paperbound, 408 p.
Contents: Spin in All Directions, Star Turns, The Barber from Preston, Revolutionary Fiber, Camelot onthe Merrimack, Looming Conflicts, Souther Exposure, Changing Fortunes, Two-Horse Power, Boll Weevil Blues, The Shirt on Your Back, Fields of Conflict, Afterword, Index.
Price: $19.50


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