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Toronto, Canada
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MAY 26, 2016
Pompoms, Faux Fur Tape

Fur Pompom HAT
Hat with Blue Fox Fur Pompom © Irene & Mr.Sheep Co. Close-up »
  Until the 19th century, fur was mainly used in Europe as lining. The first fur cloak was designed at the end of 19th century in France. Nowadays, we use fur for many purposes. Fur is sold at auctions the same way as teas. There are three leading fur auctions houses in the world: Kopenhagen Furs, SAGA Furs, and NAFA (North American Fur Auction). Denmark is considered as the world's largest producer of farmed mink fur, and Kopenhagen Furs is the largest fur auction house.

For information on North American fur trade and facts about fur, please visit Fur Council Of Canada »

Did you know? During the Renaissance in Europe, 16th century, personal hygiene was replaced by perfume for many years, and fur collars were called "lousy fur" (These collars were sometimes worn to attract and collect lice so that the wearer would not be bitten.)

Frequent Question: I would like to cut my out-of-style fur coat into stripes. Do you offer fur cutting service?
A: Please contact any local fur or leather store for cutting, alterations, and re-modeling of your fur/leather outwear.
In Toronto: KahnertFurs.com, LeatherToronto.com, RomaFurs.ca.


Luzia, Louisa Harding
Lynx, Lanas Stop
Visón, Lanas Stop
Angel (fleece), Lang

Synthetic Fox Fur Pompoms
Synthetic Wolf and Opossum Pompoms

Struzzo, Lanas Stop

Pilliccia Lupo, Mondial

Dove (chenille), Diamond
Maxima (fur chenille), ONline
Nerissa (chenille), Louisa Harding
Whisper (sparsely-placed eyelash), Estelle

Ebru (faux karakul), Nova
Evita Merino (fantasy), Katia
Yaprak (chenille+lamé ribbon), Himalaya


Hat with Finnish Raccoon Fur Pompom © Irene & Mr. Sheep Co. Close-up
Faux Fur Embellished Scarves © LANG Book № 200 CASUAL, yarns: Lang Softhair (equivalent: Luzia) and Merino 70.

Muff © LANG Book № 224 COLLECTION, yarns: Lang Softhair (equivalent: Luzia), Merino 70, and Mohair Luxe.

* Click on an image for details and to order



* Actual size per pompom is 10 cm (4") in diameter.
Synthetic Fur Pompoms, Fellbommel
Colour samples: Col 22, Col 23, Col 32.
  Sewn pompoms made in Germany. Fiber content: 80% Acrylic, 20% Polyester. A white sewing thread (23 cm /9" length) is attached to each pompom. Actual size: 10 cm (4") in diameter. Filling: 100% Acrylic. Care: hand or gentle machine wash on delicate cycle in cold water. No tumble dry.
Packaging: packed in sealed, small plastic bags. Usage: hats, poncho ties, scarf/stole/shawl edge embellishment.
Colour samples: Col 22, Col 23, Col 32
Price (CAD): $19.99 /each
IN STOCK: Col 22 Light Grey with Chocolate Speckles (2 pompoms), Col 23 White with Ochre Speckles (3 pompoms), Col 32 Faux Opossum (2 pompoms)

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TO ORDER and pay via INTERAC e-Transfer (Canadian Funds) please submit you order online » or contact Sales@imrsheep.com.

FAUX FOX FUR POMPOMS, made in Germany
* Size per pompom may vary between 9.5 to 10 cm in diameter, or 12.5 to 13 cm.

Faux Fox Fur pompoms
Faux Fox Fur Pompoms close-up. * Actual size varies between 9.5 to 10 cm (3-3/4" - 4") or 12.5 to 13 cm (5" - 5-1/8") in diameter.
  Sewn pompoms made in Germany. Fiber content: 100% Acrylic. Actual size varies between 9.5 to 10 cm (3-3/4" - 4") in diameter, close-up. Filling: 100% Acrylic. Each packed in clear plastic box. Care: machine wash cold or professional dry clean. Packaging: packed in folded plastic boxes. Usage: hats, poncho ties and borders, scarf/stole/shawl edge embellishment, Christmas ornaments, keychain and handbag charms, toy characters, craft decoration, etc.
Price (CAD): $16.99 /10 cm diam, $19.99 /13 cm diam
IN STOCK, 10 cm diam: 01 Opulent White (1 pompom), 02 Otter (4 pompoms), 03 Mink /Chocolate with Black speckles (4 pompoms), 05 Silver (2 pompoms), 07 Candy Pink (4 pompoms), 08 Coral (3 pompoms), 10 Aqua (3 pompoms), 19 Powder Blush /Soft Powder Pinknew item
IN STOCK, 13 cm diam: 06 Black (4 pompoms), 13 Aubergine (4 pompoms)new item

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Synthetic Fur Tape, PELLICCIA LUPO
  Fiber content: 80% Acrylic, 20% Polyester
Length per pack: 160 cm /63", width: 12 cm /4.73".
Care: Dry clean, no tumble dry, no iron. Packaging: each 12 cm piece is packed in a plastic bag with adhesive strip. Usage: handbags, borders, collars, or two tapes can sewn together to make a Two-Sided Fur Scarf © Irene & Mr. Sheep: right-side tape in col 02 Off White, reverse-side tape in col 01 Silver Grey (or in the same col if desired).
Price (CAD): $14.50 /each
IN STOCK: 01 Silver Grey with Dark Brown Speckles, 02 Off White with Black Speckles

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TO ORDER and pay via INTERAC e-Transfer (Canadian Funds) please submit you order online » or contact Sales@imrsheep.com.



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