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Yarn Manufacturers' Books, Fiber Art, History of Needlework

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History of Needlework:
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{FYI} Patterns for men and kid's can be found in the following publications:
Men's Knitwear:Lang Book № 200 Casual CollectionDenim Magazine (No. 1, 2)Men's KnitsKatia Sport BooksGuy KnitsDenim PeopleKing Cole LeafletsFait Main TricotBurda Tricot
Kids, babies' fashion:Fashion KidsYoung and WildFilati InfantiLittle KnitsFait Main TricotBurda Tricot • Schoeller+Stahl STYLE, Knit and Crochet Baby ClothesSANDRA EnfantsSANDRA BabySANDRA Children

Knitting and Fiber Art Books   NEEDLEART BOOKS »

We inventory magazines in 8 languages: EN, FR, GR, NL, SP, IT, RU, PO. Please check an edition language in brackets or in the description for each issue before purchasing.
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🌟 Frequent Question: Are all of your magazines in English?
Answer: We inventory magazines in 8 languages. Please check an Edition language in brackets below or in a description for each issue before purchasing.

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Levels of Difficulty: Intermediate, Advanced, Master / Designer

80 Socks Around the World (GR)
Accessories, Lang (EN-GR-FR)
Alta Moda Cashmere (EN)
Anna Accessories (EN)
Anna Tricots (FR)new item
Anna Special (FR)
Aran Book (EN)
Araucania Books (EN)
BRE Books (EN)
Basics, Lang (EN)
Burda Créatif (FR)new item
Burda Style Knitting (EN)
Burda Style (FR)
Burda Tricot (FR)
Chaussettes au Crochet (FR)
Colección Fur (EN, FR, PO)
Cotone (EN)
Crochet, King Cole (EN)
Crochet Magazine (EN)
Crochet Traditions (EN)
Couture Facile (FR)
Debbie Bliss Books (EN)
Debbie Bliss Magazine (EN)
Denim (EN-GR-FR-IT)
Ella Rae Books (EN)
Fait Main HS Tricot (FR)
Fait Main Accessoires (FR)
Fait Main Crochet (FR)
Fashion Kids (EN-GR-FR)
Fatto a Mano (EN-GR-FR-IT)
FaM Accessories (EN-GR-FR-IT)
FaM Asia
FaM Baby
FaM Black (EN-GR-FR-IT)
FaM Creation Bébé
FaM Cashmere
FaM Casual (EN-GR-FR-IT)
FaM Colour (EN-GR-FR-IT)
  FaM Home (EN-GR-FR-IT)
FaM Made Auf Veddel
FaM Mützen/Hats (EN-GR-FR-IT)
FaM Urban (EN-GR-FR-IT)
FaM Vintage (EN-GR-FR-IT)
Felted Fashion (EN-GR-FR-IT)
Filati Accessories (EN)
Filati Handknitting (EN)
Filati Home (GR, EN)
Filati Infanti (EN)
Filati Knitting (Pocket) (EN)
Filati Magazine (EN)
Filet Häkeln (GR)
Filati Tricot (FR)new item
First View (EN)
Hats & Accessories, Style (EN)
Interweave Crochet (EN)
Iren (RU)
Jo Sharp Books (EN)
Katia Accessories (EN, SP)
Katia City (EN, SP)
Katia Casual (EN, SP)
Katia Concept (SP, EN)new item
Katia Elegance (SP, EN)
Katia Kids (SP, EN)
Katia Teen (SP, EN)
Katia Tendances (FR)
Katia Kids (SP, EN)
Knit (EN)
Knit & Crochet Style (EN)
Knit & Crochet Style Baby (EN)
Knitting & Felting (EN)
Knitting is Your Hobby (RU)
Knitting Traditions (EN)
Lanas Stop (SP, FR, EN, PO)
Linea Pura (EN)
Linea Rossa (EN)
Louisa Harding Books (EN)
Malabrigo Books (EN)
  Merino Magazine (EN)
Mirasol Books (EN)
Moda Knitting (RU)
Mondial Cap Hut (EN)
Noro Books (EN)
Noro Magazine (EN)
Noro Pattern Magazine (EN)
Noro Mini Knits (EN)
ONline Fashion Magazine (EN, GR)
Sabrina (RU)
Sabrina Fashion Knits (EN)
Sandra Magazine (EN)
Sandra Children (EN)
Sandra Enfants (FR)
Sandra Knit Trends (GR, EN, FR, IT)
Sandra Stricken (GR)new item
Sandra Tricot (FR)
Sandra Winter & Christmas (EN)
Scheepjeswol (NL-EN-FR-GR)
Sockology, Lang (EN, FR)
Stella Tutto Maglia (IT)
Strick Designer (GR)
Strick Trends (GR)
Style, Schoeller+Stahl (EN)
Style Baby, Schoeller+Stahl (EN)
Style Hats, Schoeller+Stahl (EN)
Style Socks, Schoeller+Stahl (EN)
Susanna (RU)
Tendances Tricot (FR)
Twilley's Books (EN)
Verena (RU)
Verena Hand Knitting (RU)
Verena Kids (RU)
Verena Special (GR)
Wild Fibers (EN)
Young and Wild (EN)

SEWING Magazines: Couture Facile (FR) › Burda Style (FR)

HAUTE Couture, High Fashion, and CASUAL Knitting and Crochet Magazines:
Burda Style Knitting (EN)
Burda Tricot (FR)
Fait Main Tricot (FR)
Fait Main Crochet (FR)
Fatto a Mano (EN-GR-FR-IT)
  Iren (RU)
Katia Books (SP, EN)
Lanas Stop (SP, FR, EN, PO)
Moda Knitting (RU)
ONline Fashion Magazine (EN, GR)
  Sandra Knit Trends (GR, EN, FR, IT)
Stella Tutto Maglia (IT)
Susanna (RU)
Tendances Tricot (FR)
Verena (RU)



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