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Last modified on
MAR 1/18


    POLICY, Property Rights, Copyright
Irene & Mr.Sheep Co.® , imrsheep.com

* Terms are subject to change without notice.
Updated: March 1/18

1. Returns, Exchanges, Refunds, Fees, Credit Note, Extra Payment

    1. All orders are shipped if paid in full, and the payment has been cleared.
    2. We do not hold uncertain orders and purchases with the not paid in full balance or/and unconfirmed shipping address for more than three(3) business days from the initial purchase date. An order can be on hold from 1 to 3 business days depending on ordered items.
    3. A non-refundable dormancy or/and cancellation fee of $1.25 is charged for overdue orders and payments.
    4. If a wrong item is purchased, or the incorrect shipping address is provided, the buyer must notify us within 24 hours. It is a customer's responsibility to purchase correct items and provide a correct shipping address.
    5. Irene & Mr. Sheep Co. cannot be held responsible for incorrect contact information provided by a customer or any defects in activity of her/his email, phone, or other account(s).
    6. A non-refundable 5% cancellation/dormancy fee is deducted from refunds. A service fee of $0.50 can be charged instead depending on a cause of cancellation. A cancellation fee is calculated on the total value of an order, exclude postage.
    7. A fixed and non-refundable fee of $2.50 is deducted from refunds issued for orders which are not paid in full and purchases of not-in-stock items unless a back order can be placed.
    8. A refundable cancellation fee of $5.50 is deducted from refunds issued for a second and all subsequent attempts of the same order placement with the balance, which is not paid in full, and a buyer refuses to complete the payment or no response from the buyer received. When freight paid in full, a credit for a deducted fee(s) is issued.
    9. A non-refundable cancellation fee of $2.25 is deducted from refunds issued for orders which are not paid in full and no response from the buyer received.
    10. A refundable cancellation fee of $0.50 ($0.75 /international) is billed against credits not resulting from an error on the part of Irene & Mr. Sheep Co. and issued for orders, which are not paid in full and no response from the buyer received or the order cancellation is requested by the buyer. The refundable fee can be used with any purchase as an amount of a credit balance.
    11. A fixed and non-refundable fee of $2.25 is billed against a wrong request resulting in cancellation of a placed order.
    12. Refunds for not paid in full orders, cancellations, and orders with unconfirmed shipping address are issued within four (4) business days from the date of Final Notification.
    13. No fee is credited unless a re-order is placed within 30 days from the initial refund date and shipping costs are paid in full.
    14. Payment for Express post must be provided within two (2) business days from the initial purchase date. Customer is solely responsible for issuing this payment on time. Otherwise, the refund is issued, a fixed fee of $2.50 is charged.
    15. Any returns must be pre-authorized by Irene & Mr.Sheep Co.
    16. Return must be arranged within 30 days of the initial purchase date, including returns for exchange.
    17. A restocking fee of 15% is billed against all returns not resulting from an error on the part of Irene & Mr. Sheep Co.
    18. For returns over $350, a shipping charge paid by our shop and total amount of given discounts are deducted extra.
    19. All returns are subject to $2.50 handling fee.Policy Update
    20. No refunds after 60 days of receipt.
    21. No international returns, unless a tracking number and a copy of a shipping slip are provided. Policy Update
    22. Refunds for yarn are issued after all returned hanks/balls are weighed.
    23. We do not hold requested items for exchange for more than 14 days after the initial date of the customer's request for exchange.
    24. Return for exchange: an amount of a clearance fee paid by our shop at the post office to clear the return, postage paid for the shipping of an exchange package and a re-packaging fee of $2.50 must be provided within four business days. Otherwise a full refund is issued, a clearance fee is deducted from the refund.
    25. Returns for exchange of fashion accessories are accepted if the request for return has been done within 10 days from the initial date of delivery of your item.
    26. No returns for International (outside of North America) orders, unless a tracking number and shipping slip are provided by sender. Policy Update
    27. No returns for orders of printed materials (books, magazines, leaflets) and final sale items, including returns for exchange.
    28. No returns for orders paid by cheque, money order, or bank draft.
    29. Notification of a shipping error must be made within 9 days of receipt. The exchange must be done within 30 days of the initial purchase date, at no cost to the purchaser.
    30. No refunds for postage, packaging & handling.
    31. No reimbursement for damaged items.
    32. In case of an unclaimed package, the returned shipment cannot be resent unless the amount of postage and insurance paid for the initial shipment (for orders over $250 only), coverage for a clearance fee, payment for shipping, full insurance coverage based on the value of the order (if required), and $5 for repackaging and a handling fee is not provided within two business days.
    33. No compensation is issued if an unclaimed package was lost. The purchaser is solely responsible for the claim of ordered goods at the post office within the time provided on the Notice of Delivery.
    34. Claims for reimbursement are accepted for traceable items within 60 days of receipt.
    35. No reimbursements for orders sent via requested non-traceable postal service. Policy Update
    36. No credit note is issued if incorrect purchaser's contact information is provided.
    37. For cheque payments, we do not hold orders for more than 5 business days for Ontario Residents and 14 business days for other provinces. Goods are shipped after the clearance of the cheque unless certified.
    38. Packaging & handling - $1.25.
    39. A handling fee of $2.50 is deducted from the refund issued for a combined shipment of multiple orders.
    40. A handling fee of $7.50 is charged for Xpresspost and FedEx items shipped after 5 p.m. EDT.

2. Shipping Policy

3. Privacy Policy

    1. We respect the privacy of our Customers and our right to serve, and to never use the Internet in any inappropriate way. Should you have to report a fake (phishing) email, please contact us.
    2. No personal information is collected on our website.
    3. No third parties are involved in a transaction or an agreement.
    4. We do not store any sensitive information, except invoices. These are kept encrypted in our database for audit and accounting purposes, within 5 years of a shipping date.

4. Property Rights

    1. Colour/shade cards are the property of Irene & Mr.Sheep Co. and cannot be retrieved from our shop unless a second copy is available for purchase.
    2. ePatterns are not sold separately from the supporting yarns unless noted otherwise.

5. Copyright

    1. Unless indicated otherwise, information contained on www.imrsheep.com and wiseteagarden.com, including graphics, texts, logotypes, button icons, images, scripts, audio and video clips, is copyrighted by Irene & Mr.Sheep® Co.
    2. Our knitwear designs, patterns, and items at our Knitwear Boutique are copyrighted by Irene & Mr. Sheep® Co. unless stated otherwise.
    3. The trade names Irene & Mr. Sheep® and Wise Tea Garden ® are registered under Irene & Mr. Sheep Company.



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