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Rusangora® Art Farm
Limited Edition
grown and spun in Russia


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German Angora in Natural Blue Grey (limited quantity). It is handspun by Lada Kirisenko - a famous spinner and weaver. Rusangora® Art Farm is a member of International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB). There are 110 rabbits on the farm, and they are grown and groomed with the highest, humane standards. Each rabbit is a part of a big Family, and has a unique name based on her/his character: Twirl, Twist, Golden Baby, Bosya, Fearless, etc. Since rabbits live in love, eat well and receive professional care, sometimes 20 hours a day, they produce very healthy fiber. Spun into hanks, it feels like real fluffy and warm little rabbits!

* Similar yarn: Elsness DK, Long Fluff DK, Angora Handspun

FIBRE: 90% German Angora, 10% Merino extrafine
YARN WEIGHT: Light Chunky
TENSION: 10x10 cm (4"): 17 sts / 26 rows
NEEDLES: 5 - 5.5 mm (US № 8-9)
LENGTH: approx. 90 m / 98.5 yds
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Price (CAD):$49.99
IN STOCK: Natural Blue Grey (9 hanks)
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Natural Blue Grey
* 9 hanks


SNOOD AND HAT © MODA Knitting № 581, designer: Olga Stepanets

Garment Care: *Hand wash if soiled only.* To refresh, put into a steam bath for 5-7 min (the same way like you steam veggies) constantly turning sides and making sure your garment is not too wet. Dry flat. - Irene & Sheep.
Hand wash in cool water with mild soap or woolwash no rinse. Important: Wash and rinse (if necessary) in the water of the same temperature to avoid "stress" of the fiber. Dry flat in shade. Do not sun dry, spin, or tumble dry.



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