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🌟 I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you for your very extensive website and to thank you for your speedy responses to my questions. Thank you for the credit and the excellent service I have received.
- Margaret, Newmarket

🌟 Received my order today. Super fast shipping. Thank you.
- Brenda, Montana

🌟 Dear Irene & Mr. Sheep: Very very happy to receive my books today. They arrived in good condition. Thank you very much.
Have a nice day! Best regards,
- Chinnee, Kuala Lumpur

🌟 Hi, the order arrived. Everything is beautiful.. Thanks SO much... Kindest Regards,
- Linda, British Columbia

🌟 Thank you so much, Mr. Sheep et al.for your quick reply to my inquiry. You answered my questions very helpfully. Lacking any local technical knitting support, I very much value knowing your Company will respond so thoroughly and quickly. There will be another opportunity, I am sure, for me to dip into your inventory of quality yarns. I very much want to avoid acrylic, which I most of what I find at the multipurpose stores in my location. Thank you again,
- Karen, Florida

🌟 Hello, Irene & Mr.Sheep Co. Just purchased Silky Yak, loved it. finally found a yarn that doesn't bother my skin and warm! thank you so much. with best regards,
- Jeanne, Hamilton

🌟 I received my mink yarn in indigo today. It is exquisite, and such a beautiful colour! Thank you for the complimentary shawl pattern.
- Sandra, Stoney Creek

🌟 Just received. Thank you. It's beautiful. And will make a lovely bonnet for an expected late winter grand daughter.
- Laurie, Ontario

🌟 Dear Irene and Sheep Co, I wanted you to know that I received the yarn. It is beautiful and perfect. Thank you also for the bag and the patterns. They were an unexpected but welcome surprise. Thank you again and have a great weekend.
- Theresa, Pennsylvania

🌟 Dear Irene, Thanks for your kind words..Thanks for the discount offer. Every order I have received, the yarn is fabulous and amazing quality. It's only used for very special projects.. Wish you a great day! Kindest Regards,
- Linda, British Columbia

🌟 Thank you for this e-mail and thank you for being so patient with me. This has been such a great experience working with you and if you are willing, I would love to buy yarn from you again. I look forward to receiving my yarn and will let you know when it arrives. Have a great day.
- Theresa, Pennsylvania

🌟 Yes, thank-you, I love the yarn, and am happy with the customer service of your business. I'm sure that I will be placing more orders in the future, and will recommend you to my knitting friends.
- Doreen, Winona ON

🌟 Hi, received my order today and already have started a shawl for myself. It is lovely to knit with and is going to look lovely when finished. Thanks for the speedy delivery.
- Ann, Nova Scotia

🌟 Wonderful! Thank you so much! Appreciate the fast and friendly service! Have a great weekend!
- Charmaine, Alberta

🌟 My order arrived today... I just may sleep with a hank of the mink & cashmere.. Is this what heaven feels like to touch? Fabulous yarn...!! Thanks ever so,
- Linda, B.C.

🌟 Hi, thanks for shuffling things around to accommodate me... Looking very forward to my treasures arriving... Thanks a bunch,
- Linda, B.C.

🌟 OMG.... My Noro order has arrived. Just beautiful colours. A perfect purchase.. Thanks for the patterns and tea also. I look very forward to making another purchase in the near future. Thanks again.... Have an awesome day..!
- Linda, B.C.

🌟 Thank you very much for your wonderful customer service!
Have a happy day!
- Amy, VIC Australia

🌟 ... let me say you have a great web site. I love the way it is designed and the level of detail is amazing. The selection of yarn is mouth-watering and I thought pretty reasonably priced.
- Elizabeth, Toronto

🌟 My magazine arrived safe and thank you for the free patterns. Look forward to buying from you again soon.
- Anne, Ireland

🌟 Thank you for the corrected shipping address! I really appreciate your fast reply and perfect service. Regards,
- Lea Anna, California

🌟 Thanks again for such great customer service. Truly nice to see this day and age!
- Leslie, Alberta

🌟 J'ai trouvé vos produits très intéressants, j'ai fait de belles découvertes sur votre site.
- Yolande, Québec

🌟 thanks so much and thank you for the credit. much appreciated
- Joseph, NY

🌟 Hi, I just want you to know that my order arrived today. I'm looking forward to chrochet with the beautiful colors. Regards,
- Pia, Sweden

🌟 Hello, Thank you for the postage refund that I received today. Thanks also for the lovely magazines I purchased from you, which I am really enjoying. Appreciate your very good service. Thanks,
- Anise, North Vacouver

🌟 Hi Irene, Just to let you know that I received the yarn last Friday! Thank you so much. Kindly
- Claudia, France

🌟 Rec'd today & all as described. Many thanks for such prompt service.
- Janice, Ireland

🌟 Thanks for your message. The basic air rate is fine. I�ve just discovered your website, and you have some intriguing and uncommon yarns. I�m quite excited about trying the yak/merino mix. Kind regards,
- Janice, Ireland

🌟 Thank you so much. My daughter is trying to finish a project she started over a year ago and was short. I don't know if the dye lot is the same on the one I just ordered, but we can surely use it for something else if it isn't. Great doing business with you.
- Teri, Wyoming

🌟 Thank you for shipping the yarn so quickly! I received it Feb 5, only 2 days later. I look forward to doing business with you again. Kind regards,
- Carolyn, Montreal

🌟 Thanks so much. I love the yarn and it's wonderful to find a Canadian shop like yours. I find your website very easy to navigate and am tempted by soooo many of the yarns. I hope someday I can visit your shop. Have a good weekend.
- Barbara, Langley

🌟 Thank you...looking forward to the wonderful wool
- Talia, Germany

🌟 Hello Irene, I just want to let you know that I received the parcel. Thank you very much again. I wish you a beautiful day. Best regards,
- Cristina, Pasadena

🌟 Hello Irene, Thank you very much for being so prompt. That is very kind of you. Best regards,
- Cristina, Pasadena

🌟 Got the package, thank you for the quick delivery. Best regards,
- Cristina, Toronto

🌟 Dear Irene, Mr Sheep and Companies, I recieved my package today, nicely packed, without any problem. I found lovely wool yarns that I like very much. Thank you very much for everything. Sincerely,
- Mami, France

🌟 Thank you very much, I am looking forward to ordering much in the future!
- Tara, Whitby

🌟 Dear Irene and Mr. Sheep, I just would like to let you know my order of 10 balls of the Diamond yarns (70% Merino and 30% Alpaca) arrived last Monday. They are gorgeous! Thank you! Best regards,
- Margaret, Alberta

🌟 Dear Irene, Mr Sheep and companies, Thank you very much for your message. I trully appreciate your discount. I love the colour of Peace Fleece yarn and needed a few more hanks. I could not find them easily and finaly I could get them. I am now looking forward to receiving them. How lovely! Thank you very much. Sincerely,
- Mami, France

🌟 Thank you very much. My beautiful emerald cardigan is amazing! The yarn sheds a bit, but it seems normal to angora. Now -25 in Toronto, but I stay cozy and warm like inside of a fireplace ... ! Thank you so much. Just to mention, my cat adores to sleep on my angora cardigan when I forget it on a sofa, or chair, or bed, it works like a cat's magnet...
- Oleena, Toronto

🌟 Dear Irene &Mr. Sheep, Just wanted to express my gratitude for a wonderful service. I received my order yesterday making it exactly one week since i placed the order. I didn't expect it to arrive since fast. I will definitely consider placing more orders. Yours thankfully,
- Michael, Israel

🌟 Dear Sales team - thank you for your marvellous efficient handling of my very little order. Both my sister and I find your web page set up ; the information provided on all topics and the follow up first class . Again , we both find your range of magazines and other products far outshines any on offer Australia wide and elsewhere. Thank you for your excellent service and we will certainly be ordering more magazines in future. Kind regards,
- Aleida, Australia

🌟 Dear Irene, the book arrived swiftly and in super condition. Thank You for the excellent job. Regards,
- Sylvia, Germany

🌟 Hi, Irene and Mr Sheep,
Thank you so much for my order, it arrived today in Brisbane and look forward to knitting another Noro Creation. Even thugh the postage is dear it is still cheap with your clearence sale. I have to pay $26.00 Aud so I save an amount by buying from you. I reall appreciate your online page. I have told all my friends as well. Cheers,
- Judy, Australia

🌟 Hi, I got my yarn! It's beautiful and perfect for the project i have in mind. Thank you again for all of your help.
- Diane, New York

🌟 Thank you for the great service and fast shipment. My parcel arrived today, and I am very happy.
- Brenda, Toronto

🌟 Hello, Thank you very, very much ... looking forward to receiving my beautiful skein of Lang yarn. Have a great day!
- Nancy, NY

🌟 Thank you so much! You're great.
- Diane, NY

🌟 Thank you so much for your products and wonderful service! Have a super holiday season,
- Geraldine, WY United States

🌟 Hello, I have received the second package! Thanks so much! I love the Yarn! Have a safe and happy New Year!
- Kathy, Alberta

🌟 Thank you. I will enjoy ordering from your company. Great service !!
- Bruna, Toronto

🌟 yes. I have received the adjustment notice from Paypal. And the yarns arrived.. it is beautiful, I am really pleased. :) thanks
- Yu Ching, Singapore

🌟 Thanks, I received my order Tuesday, Oct 23......that was a fast delivery.
- Judy, Texas

🌟 Thank you. The order arrived today. Wonderful service.
- Lesley, United Kingdom

🌟 Hello Irene,
The Linea Rossa books arrived the day before yesterday and the Harlequin one just as I came home this morning. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks!
- Anne, Belgium

🌟 Thanks for providing such great products. Regards,
- Paula, Melbourne

🌟 I LOVED the yarn � thanks so much!
- Marjorie, Virginia

🌟 Good afternoon! Thank you so much for the email confirmation. As well, thank you for being so honest and refunding the shipping difference! That is true customer service! Thank you again! I will be ordering from your company again in the future. Take care!
- Heather, Manitoba

🌟 Dear Irene and Mr. Sheep Co, Thank you very much I received my shipment on Saturday and really appreciate it. Warm regards.
- Mary, UNEP Switzerland

🌟 Just received my angora (fingering). It is lovely!!! Thank you for your great customer service, and speedy delivery. I really appreciate the zipper case the angora was packaged in.
- Sian, British Columbia

🌟 Thank you for your speedy service, looking forward to this yummy yarn! I will be checking your website regularly for other purchases.
- Sian, British Columbia

🌟 Thank you for your prompt response and service. My package arrived today and I am quite happy. Looking forward to doing business with you again. Have a great day,
- Ghislaine, Switzerland

🌟 Your site looks wonderful and I look forward to ordering again! Best,
- Isabel, Massachusetts

🌟 Hello to all at Irene and Mr Sheep,
Thank you so much for sending the colour samples. I'm really excited about this knitting project, I can't wait for the yarns to arrive. Once again, Thank you for all your help.
- Ruth, Australia

🌟 i love your store - and appreciate your quick response. your yarns are wonderful.
- Diane, Massachusetts

🌟 My book arrived today in perfect order. This is the second order I have placed and both times I have been delighted with your wonderful service. I won't hesitate to order from you in the future. Many Thanks.
- Starr, Ontario

🌟 Hi - sorry I didn't reply sooner - thank u so much for your prompt shipment - I had 6 balls of this and your six fit in perfectly - thanks again.
- Darleen, British Columbia

🌟 Hello, I received the books, they're superb!!!! Thanks!
- Sarita, Jerusalem

🌟 Hello, On return from a recent trip, I found your pkg in my mailbox, the single skein of Malizia. Thanks so much for the safe transaction. Best regards,
- Alexandra, CT USA

🌟 Hello. The yarn is gorgeous, and thanks for the speedy shipping! Fantastic service.
- Jane, Salem USA

🌟 I have been very happy with your service and product and will continue to order in the future.
- Amy, Saskatoon

🌟 The magazine was received today, thank you. I love it!
- Sandra, United Kingdom

🌟 Thanks for everything� can't wait to receive the yarn!
- Denise Marie, California

🌟 Thank you for telling me about the book and thank you for your time and help.
- Diane, Australia

🌟 Thanks! I've looked everywhere for this yarn � I'm so glad you had it!
- Christina, Kansas City

🌟 Thanks for this order, the yarn is just lovely! I love the little packets of wool wash soap! I think I will include them with the gifts I am knitting....I so much appreciate your lovely packaging!
- Helen, Ontario

🌟 Just wanted to let you know I received my packages this afternoon and am thrilled, of course. I showed Sally off to everyone in my office. That's a little face that can brighten a whole day. Thanks again for everything!
- Robin, Oshawa

🌟 Thanks for your prompt attention! We appreciate the service.
- Joe, Center for Bits and Atoms, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

🌟 Just wanted to let you know I did receive the yarn. Thank you so much! Sincerely,
- Carol, OK

🌟 Colours and tension fit perfectly, so your advice regarding the best yarns to buy was the best. Thank you!
- Julia, Alberta

🌟 Thank you so much for your speed in give me details. VERY VERY KIND AND FAST IN YOUR REPLY, AS ALWAYS. Thank you so much. My magazines arrived........thank you for your work on my order. See you next order and thank you again.
- Monica, Italy

🌟 I think you have the most beautiful, highest quality, and best spun Angora yarn that I have ever used. It is a pleasure to work with it.
- Nancy Jo, California

🌟 Hello, Irene and Mr. Sheep! I just wanted to let you know I received my order (already!!!) and I'm thrilled both with the items and with your stellar service. I so appreciate the patterns and samples you sent, along with how carefully everything was packaged. It's so seldom one sees such remarkable service that I wanted to be sure and let you know how much it means to me. It's great also to know there is such a fabulous Canadian source for such neat items. I look forward to shopping with you again! With kindest regards and many thanks,
- Robin, Oshawa

🌟 What great service! The pashmina yarn I ordered late last week arrived today. The wool is beautiful and wonderfully packaged, and the packets of wool wash are a nice lagniappe. Thank you.
- Patsy, Tallahassee FL

🌟 I would like to thank you for your fast delivery service of the magazins I odered. The books are brilliant. I wil be ordering again for sure. Regards,
- Rosemary, United Kingdom

🌟 Delighted to get these 2 magazines so easily and at reasonable cost, many thanks.
- VALERIE, British Columbia

🌟 I received the detergent in good order on Friday. Thank you for your prompt service.
- Daniel, Vancouver

🌟 I just received my order. The Yarn is beautiful!
- Kim, Pennsylvania

🌟 Thank you especially for your clear communications. I look forward to my return home and the receipt of the beautiful wool. Happy New Year!
- Lynne, Virginia

🌟 You are so thorough. It's been a pleasure dealing with you and I have bookmarked
your site!
- Diane, Ohio

🌟 Thank you for your prompt personal service!
- Deidra, British Columbia

🌟 Your parcel just arrived... many thanks for the extras included!
- J., Québec

🌟 Your website and the beautiful yarns you feature make me want to start knitting again.
Best, Janice. California

🌟 Thank you. The clasps arrived today. They are ideal!
- Carole D, United Kingdom

🌟 I had received my ordered book yesterday. How nice a design book! I like these very much. Thank you very very much!!
- Matsumoto Hiroko, Japan

🌟 Thank you very much for the birch Hook!! It is always helpful to have quality instruments for your work. Cannot stop making my cape! I will definitely come again. :)
- Lena, Toronto

🌟 I ordered some woolwash on 2/7 and received it less than 5 days later(everything that I have ordered from Canada takes 2 weeks)! What amazing service. I will definitely be a repeat customer! Thank you so very much!
- Angela K, Ohio

🌟 What great service! The pashmina yarn I ordered late last week arrived today. The wool is beautiful and wonderfully packaged, and the packets of wool wash are a nice lagniappe. With service like this, I'll be certain to place more orders with Irene and Mr. Sheep. Thank you.
- Patsy, Tallahassee Florida

🌟 Thank you for the great service and fast shipping.
- Natalie, Michigan

🌟 Dear Irene & Mr. Sheep, I hv rec'd my yarn order today! Thank you for the gifts of soap!
- Yuly, Wisconsin

🌟 Very impressive! You've thought of everything! Someone there really knows what they are doing in regards to good customer service and making it easy to do business with you!
- Christina, California

🌟 Hi! The yarn arrived over the weekend! I'm quite excited, and happy to be started on my project. Thanks for all your help.
- Natalie, Arizona

🌟 As usual package arrived promptly and well secured. The Suri is stunning. Thank you so much Irene. Greatly appreciated.
- Charlene, Saskatchewan

🌟 Dear Irene and Mr. Sheep, A word to tell you how I was satisfied by your service. Very fast shipment (my beautiful Brittany needles arrived before the date you tell me they would!). Also a very good packaging! Thank you very much!
- Joanne, Québec

🌟 Very pleased with the service, and the super fast shipment. The 2 seperate orders arrived 3 days after I received the email that they were shipped. I will be back again. Thank you so much all of the magazines are spectacluar!!!
- Charlene, Saskatchewan

🌟 Hi! I just wanted you to know that I received the order in excellent condition today! Thanks so much! I will use your business again in the future, thanks for the great service. I love the wool! Amazing stuff!
- Michelle, Ontario

🌟 I was pleased with the earlier shipment of yarn you sent me.
- Jenny, Ontario

🌟 Hi, Irene - my needles arrived safely today - they are absolutely gorgeous!! I am particularly fond of the crochet hook - it will inspire me to finish my afghan. Will you be taking part at the CSNF in October? Thanks again - they were well worth the wait! :)
- Nancy, Québec

🌟 Hello Again, I purchased from your website in the past and was very happy with my Vespa yarn. I still have not begun the project, but hope to soon. Thank you.
- Rita, Pennsylvania


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