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CANADIAN CARDED WOOL is sourced directly from Easter Canada farmers. Canadian wool has a great loft, it is superbly fluffy, featherweight, and smells sugary like a cotton candy. It has all of these exceptional characteristics due to extreme temperatures in which sheep are grown. This fiber is scoured, dried, and brushed (carded) to remove any foreign matter. Carded wool can be used for spinning, weaving, needle felting, staffing, insulation, carpeting, lining and wadding, etc. Available in untreated Natural White.
CANADIAN WOOL ROVING, 4 strands - 227 g is great for knitting, crochet, and other crafts. It is sold in 227 gr rolls. Gauge: 11 sts / 15 rows on 7-7.5 mm needles. Available in Undyed Natural White.

Price (CAD), 100% Canadian Carded Wool - 1lb: $16.99
Price (CAD), 100% Canadian Wool Roving - 227g / 8oz Roll: $12.99

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