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Design and photography © Irene & Mr. Sheep Co.   This rug is suitable for kittens to play and sleep. Might not be attractive for mature cats. Kit includes: 2 hanks of Evita Merino Yarn » and pattern instructions. Rug Dimensions: 57 x 42 cm (22-1/2 - 16-1/2").
Price (CAD): $82.99 / each kit
*Price includes: 2 hanks of yarn at $40.00 each and printed or PDF pattern at $2.99.

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Care: gentle hand wash with woolwash in lukewarm water, lay flat in shade to dry.




Angora knitwear is used from ancient times to cure headaches and pain. This fluffy and ultra warm head cover works like a dream-catcher. Sweet dreams! P.S. Please tie at the back, or wrap around the head and tie on the top.

Design and photography © Irene & Mr. Sheep.
Close-up »
  Materials: 1 ball Diamond Angorissima, 1 marker, 4.25 mm needles, 4.5 mm crochet hook and an approx. 1.5 m strand of a yarn in a similar colour but in Aran weight to cast off all last sts. Note: 1 ball makes a kerchief of the following dimensions: 50 cm height (20") - 2 x 65 cm edges ( 2 x 26") - 85 cm length (33-1/2"). Use 2 balls to make a larger kerchief. Close-up »

Pattern: RS - K2, P2. WS - P2, K2. K edge sts on RS, P edge sts on WS. Instructions: Cast on 6 sts. 1st row: K edge sts, K1, P2, K1, K edge sts. 2nd row: P edge sts, P1, K2, P1, P edge sts. Put marker in the center, between two P sts on RS. Knit 60 rows in pattern increasing 2 stitches every row: Make 2 stitches from the 2nd stitch at the beginning and 2 stitches from the 2nd stitch at the end of the row. Row 61, facing RS: Knit in pattern until you reach 2 center P stitches (a marker is between them). Continue center increase as follows: make 2P sts from the first P stitch, then make K2 using yarn in between, and again make 2P sts from the second P stitch. Continue in pattern. Knit 7 more rows. Do center increase again facing RS, but this time make P2 between two K stitches and double first and second center K stitches. Continue in pattern increasing 1 sts at each end of every row, and do center increase in every 8th row follow the pattern.
When ball of the yarn is fully used, attach a strand of an Aran weight yarn in a similar colour (e.g. Cascade Cantata or similar) and continue in pattern to finish the last RS row. Facing WS and using a 4.5 mm crochet hook - loosely cast off all sts at once. Gently and loosely block kerchief with pins on a piece of fabric for 2-3 days to achieve a correct shape. Note: we would not recommend the use of a shawl blocking frame since angora stretches easily and can be deformed on the frame.

Care: Hand wash in lukewarm water with
woolwash no rinse: do not wring out, make a ball instead and gently squeeze in soapy water. Dry flat in shade, away from heat or direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry. No iron.



Materials: 1 ball Laines du Nord Follia, 5 mm needles, 4 mm crochet hook.
1 ball makes 2 dish clothes.

Cast on 30 sts. Knit 37 rows (18 cm): K on rs, P on ws. Row 38 (ws): Using crochet hook, cast off all sts except the last one. Catch this sts onto the hook and make a 15 sts chain for a loop-holder to hang (optional). Fasten the end of the chain securely into the opening of the fist sts of the chain.

Wash Cloth: Fold in half, and use as wash cloth. Hang to dry.


Design and photography
© Irene & Mr. Sheep Co.

Note: Measurements for patterns are given in a metric system.

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