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LANAS STOP ANGORA [100% French Angora]  
Lanas Stop
(a.k.a. NATURE)
made in Spain


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Lanas Stop French Angora (a.k.a. Nature) is one of the best quality angora yarn in the world. It 'blooms' similar to Anne Blatt Angora Prestige. It is in light 2-ply double knit weight and is manufactured in solid colours. Even though its put-up is 10g per ball, there are 50m in the ball. 20g are enough to knit a hat in a simple K-and-P stitch pattern. Expensive. * Note: Lanas Stop 'Nature', an equivalent yarn, is re-branded and now manufactured under the name of 'Angora'.
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* Similar yarn: Angora, Long Fluff DK

FIBRE: 100% French Angora
YARN WEIGHT: Light Double Knit, 2 ply
TENSION: 10x10cm (4"): 27 sts/ 34 rows
NEEDLES: 3 - 3.5 mm (US No. 3-4)
LENGTH: approx. 50 m / 54 yards
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Irene & Mr.Sheep Knitwear:
NATURE SCARF: Knit a regular scarf - use any scarf pattern, and add a Wild Rose Flower: Knit a rectangle of approx 3" W x 10" L: K on right side, P on wrong side. Insert a thin wool thread along the length (L) edge and fasten off the thread similar to last stitches of the hat top point. Twist the obtained flounce to make a Rose. Attach.
Price (CAD): $14.99
IN STOCK: 0001 Opulent White (20+5 balls), 0003 Off White (6 balls), 0008 Baby Pink (9 balls), 0010 Silver (9 balls), 0400 Sky (11 balls), 0462 Dusty Indigo (10 balls)
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Garment Care: dry clean or hand wash with woolwash "no rinse" or baby shampoo. Lay flat to dry, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. No iron.


Lanas Stop NATURE[100% French Angora], 0001 Opulent White
0001, Opulent White
* 20+5 balls
  Lanas Stop NATURE[100% French Angora], 0003 Off White
0003, Off White
* 6 balls

0008, Baby Pink
* 9 balls
  Lanas Stop NATURE[100% French Angora], 0010 Silver
0010, Silver
(Light Grey)
* 9 balls
Lanas Stop ANGORA [100% French Angora], 400 Sky
0400, Sky
(Soft and Dusty)
* 11 balls
  Lanas Stop ANGORA [100% French Angora], 404 Aquamarine
404, Aquamarine
* Out of stock
Lanas Stop ANGORA [100% French Angora], 462 Indigo
0462, Dusty Indigo
(Purplish Sapphire / Dusty tending to a darker hue of sapphire)
* 10 balls
  Lanas Stop NATURE[100% French Angora], 489 Slate
0489, Slate
(Dusty and Dark Blue Grey)
* Out of stock


Nature Angora Scarf, Irene & Mr.Sheep Co. NATURE ANGORA SCARF © Irene & Mr.Sheep Co.
Yarn: Lanas Stop Angora (Nature)


Angora Pullover, Burda Tricot Automne 2012 MELODIE, ANGORA PULLOVER © BURDA Tricot Automne 2012, Designer: Wilma Sinsel. Yarns: Schulana Angora Fashion and Seda-Mar


Suitable patterns:
Fantasy Pullover © Anny Blatt, IREN № 6, 2012, yarns: Anny Blatt Angora Super, kid mohair with paillettes Tresor, and lamé-effect ribbon Victoria.


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