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Manufactured in Italy
for ONION® Garn


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From L4E 0H9

"Far away in the land to which the swallows fly when it is winter, dwelt a king who had eleven sons, and one daughter, named Eliza." The king married a very wicked queen who turned eleven brothers into wild swans, and Eliza saved them by making for them 11 Nettle Shirts: "The little mice ran about the floor, they dragged the nettles to her feet, to help as well as they could. " - The Wild Swans by Hans Christian Andersen ». Yes, Nettle makes wonders.

This partially organic, natural and untreated yarn is soft and velvety to the touch, with slightly sheen, silky texture. A good substitute for Silky Wool. It is suitable for any kinds of garments and accessories for the entire family - men, women, kids of any age and pets. Organic Wool + Nettles is dyed according to European standards, poison free guaranteed. Nettle fiber used in this yarn is wild and pesticide-free.

* Tip: If your project require the use of a blend of wool with Mulberry silk, you can successfully substitute it with the Wool+Nettles and save.

* Similar yarn: Nettle Sock Yarn Superwash

FIBRE: 70% Organic Wool, 30% Nettle Fiber
YARN WEIGHT: Double Knit
TENSION: 10x10 cm (4"): 21 sts / 28 rows
NEEDLES: 4 mm (US № 6)
LENGTH: approx. 130 m / 142 yds
Price: $10.99
IN STOCK: 806 Cedar (10 balls), 813 Peony (10 balls), 817 Fawn (10 balls), 819 Amethyst (10 balls), 823 Citrus (10 balls), 834 Cognac (10 balls )
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Garment Care: Machine or hand wash in lukewarm water, dry flat away from direct sun.

806, Cedar
* 10 balls
  813, Peony
* 10 balls
817, Fawn
* 10 balls
  819, Amethyst
* 10 balls
823, Citrus
* 10 balls
  834, Cognac
* 10 balls


BOY'S BUTTONED JACKET © ONION® Garn, Leaflet № 1462, yarn: Organic Wool + Nettles

GIRL'S BUTTONED JACKET © ONION® Garn, Leaflet № 1459, yarn: Organic Wool + Nettles


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