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Lang RIVOLI [50% New Wool, 22% Acrylic, 12% Mohair, 16% Nylon], Scarf Yarn
made in Italy

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* For advanced knitters and crocheters.

Lang Rivoli is an ultra soft, self-flounce scarf yarn from the Lang Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Collection. To crochet a beautiful, fancy, flounce scarf, you just need a 6 mm crochet hook and 30 minutes. Lang Rivoli is manufactured in trendy multi colours.
* 100% Equivalent yarns: Katia Vienna, Austermann Safira.

* Similar yarn: Cameo, Park Avenue

FIBRE: 50% Merino extrafine, 22% Acrylic, 12% Mohair, 16% Nylon
TENSION: 10x10cm (4"): n/a
NEEDLES, Crochet Hook: 5 mm (US J-10)
LENGTH: approx. 12 m / 13.12 yards
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Equivalents: Austermann Safira », Fil Katia Vienna
PATTERNS: Lang Book № 190, Collection - Kalista Color Scarf »
Rivoli Scarf, free pattern: materials: 1 skein of Rivoli, crochet hook size 6mm (US № J-10); instructions © Lang: at the right edge of band pick up 1 st, * skip over 3 sts, pick up 1 st, skip over 3 sts, pick up 1 st. 3 sts are now on the hook. Bind off sts one after the other, to do so catch the st in front and pull thru the st in front until only 1 st rem on the hok* Cont rep from * to *. Knot the beg and end of band.
MSRP (CAD): $27.99
Sale Price (CAD): $27.19
IN STOCK: 24 Fay (7 hanks), 44 Lizard (10 hanks), 79 Glazed Porcelain (8 hanks), 94 Marble (10 hanks)
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Garment Care: hand wash with woolwash no rinse in lukewarm water. Do not wring out the scarf - make a ball and gently press to remove excess water. Lay flat to dry on a rack pulling the garment into correct shape, away from direct heat or sunlight. Store loose on a hanger or a form.


RIVOLI [50% New Wool, 22% Acrylic, 12% Mohair, 16% Nylon] 24, Fay
(Almond, Cocoa, Blossom, Navy, Taupe)
* 7 hanks
RIVOLI [50% New Wool, 22% Acrylic, 12% Mohair, 16% Nylon] 44, Lizard
(Pale Chartreuse, Black, Olive, Charcoal)
* 10 hanks
RIVOLI [50% New Wool, 22% Acrylic, 12% Mohair, 16% Nylon] 79, Glazed Porcelain
(Teal, Blossom, Copper Gold, Charcoal)
* 8 hanks
RIVOLI [50% New Wool, 22% Acrylic, 12% Mohair, 16% Nylon] 94, Marble
(Natural Warm White, Midnigth Blue, Silver, Mink Brown)
* 10 hanks




SAFIRA Pullover and Loop, Austermann Fashion
SAFIRA PULLOVER & LOOP © Austermann Fashion & Style S1959. Yarn: Austremann Safira, an equivalent for Lang Rivoli


Patterns worked in equivalent yarns:
Plain Scarf © Fil KATIA, Books Accessories № 7, Fall-Winter 2013-2014, yarn: Fil Katia Vienna, an equivalent
Vienna Scarf № 2 © Lanas Katia Book Accessories № 6, FW 2012-2013, an enquivalent yarn: Lanas Katia Vienna
Shrug © Mondial, yarn: Alta Tensione, Mondial Idee&filati September 2013, or SUSANNA Magazine September 2013
PomPom Scarf © KATIA KIDS № 63, Fall-Winter 2012, yarn: Katia Vienna
Kalista Color Scarf © Lang, Book № 190, Collection, yarn: Lang Kalista Color


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