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Ruca Multi is a premium quality yarn for all-year-round knits. It is exceptionally soft, velvety to the touch and naturally lustrous. Ruca Multi is pure sugar cane viscose reminiscent of bamboo silk in light worsted weight. This yarn is hand dyed in soft and warm, beautiful muted hues. As all types of viscose, it's biodegradable, absorbent, breathable, hypoallergenic, and naturally thermo-regulating.

FYI 'Ruca' is the name that defined the housing of the Mapuches. Formerly the most wealthy had up to three ruca(s), one to sleep, one to cook and one to store, although there were also families with one, which meets all three functions. Its structure is based on two solid wood sticks of native trees, the roof and walls have a kind of vegetable fiber fabric highly resistant to the humid weather conditions in this region. At its center there is a cooker or Kutralwe formed by stones. Its main entrance is always oriented towards the birth of the Sun.

* Similar yarns: Bamboo Soft, Jguazú

FIBRE: 100% Sugarcane Viscose
YARN WEIGHT: Light Worsted
TENSION: 10x10cm (4"): 22 sts / 28 rows
NEEDLES: 3.75 - 4 mm (US № 4-5)
LENGTH: approx. 241 m / 263 yards
MSRP (CAD): $17.99
Sale Price (CAD), 100g hank: $16.00
IN STOCK: 02 Arctic Spring (1 hank), 17 Valley de la Luna (1 hank), 20 Polaris (1 hank), 22 Côte d'Azur (9 hanks)

Garment Care: gentle hand or machine wash with mild soap in cool water, or dry clean. Dry flat. Do not sun dry, soak, spin, or tumble dry.

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From L4E 0H9

ELOUISE TOP, Burda Tricot 6-2015

ELOUISE TOP © BURDA Tricot № 6-2015, designer: Brigitte Reid

[100% Sugar Cane], col 02 02, Arctic Spring
(Muted Dusty and Pale hues of Apricot, Heather, Sky, Lilac, Greige)
* 1 hank
  [100% Sugar Cane], col 17 17, Valley de la Luna
(Muted hues of Silver Blue, Dove, Dunes, Frosted Peach Blossom)
* 1 hank
  [100% Sugar Cane], col 20 20, Polaris
(Frosted and matte shades of Spring Grass, Sky, Purple Mauve, Lavender, Toffee)
* 1 hank
  [100% Sugar Cane], col 22 22, Côte d'Azur
(Muted Shades of Winter Sky Grey, Smoky Rose, Dusty Rose, and Purple Mauve)
* 9 hanks


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