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Our Tea and Coffee House WISE TEA GARDEN specializes in deluxe quality Whole Leaf Teas, Hand Roasted Coffee, Tea Dressings, and Organic non-GMO Foods: Handcrafted Chocolate, Vanilla Beans, Organic Maple Syrup from The Canadian Organic Maple® Co. - one of the single largest organic maple producers in the world. All tea and coffee products we sell are certified in Canada and meet EU / Canada / USA / Japan specifications for agricultural inputs. All organic teas are HACCP, NOP, COR and/or EU Organic certified, and lab-tested in Guelph University, Ontario. Packed at a HACCP certified facility in Canada, Canadian Food Safe guaranteed, Fair Trade and ETP certified. There are more than 150 varieties of whole leaf teas and tea blending components in our inventory. Raw Tea Origins: The world's most experienced, safest, reputable and ethical estates of Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Java, Kenya, Nepal, India, China and South Africa. Coffee Beans are originated from East Africa and South America. In our Maple Sugar Bakery, we post our Recipes.

  › Expire dates for all teas and herbs are between 2024-2029 guaranteed.
› Pyramid Tea Bags (PTB) with Whole Leaf Teas are made from PLA fiber which derived from sugar cane, corn or cassava. The string, tag and tea bag are all biodegradable and compostable.

TEA-COFFEE-HERBS are tax-exempt in Canada. We accept payments in CAD$ via INTERAC e-Transfer, and International orders via PayPal Invoice, in any currency. Exact postage rates. No PayPal transaction fee.

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  DARJEELING NEW SPROUTS IN DARJEELING AT RISHEEHAT TEA ESTATE © Jane Pettigrew's Book WORLD OF TEA. Photography © John O'Hagan, Hoffman Media.

Please use Distilled demineralized water to brew your favourite beverage.
  Tea vary as much in appearance as
the faces of men. - Hui Tsung (1082-1135), Chinese Emperor.


Before you start to brew a tea purchased at our shop, please check the recommendations printed on the packing bag of each tea. They are specific to each variety, including water temperature and hot /iced brewing methods. For the best aroma and inviting colour of your cup we strongly recommend the use of distilled demineralized water, or at least freshly boiled filtered water, which doesn't contain a large addition of fluoride and has pH 7 or more (alkaline). Do not boil the same water twice.
Do not wash inner parts of a teapot with any soap.
Store your teas in glass containers with a tight closer, in cool place and away from direct light, to maintain their freshness, full body, and aroma.
How To Brew: Heat water to boiling. Warm the teapot or an individual cup with a small amount of hot water. Toss out this water and then add the tea leaves to the teapot or cup. Pour boiling water over the tea ( for some teas, if recommended, cool the boiling water for a minute before brewing ). Enjoy your tea time!



To make the most delicious Turkish Coffee, we would recommend to use ASHANTI® Medium Roast. You will also need distilled water, a small copper cezve (1 cup - 250ml), Organic Maple sugar (optional) and ground organic cardamom.

- Put 25 g of finely ground Ashanti in cezve. Add 10 ml of Maple sugar (optional) and a pinch (2g) of ground organic cardamom.
- Add 200 ml of fresh cold distilled water (the water should be fresh, not boiled previously). Stir well for a minute or so.
- Put cezve on a stove and heat slowly (on a medium heat, for about 4-5 min). As soon as starts to boil, remove from heat and stir a little bit, very gently.
- Heat again. As soon as just start to boil - remove from heat. Stir gently. And one more time: Heat, remove, and finally pour into a cup(s) - please don't stir this time!
- Cover the cup(s) with a saucer, let it brew a bit more for about 2 minutes.

And enjoy the most awesome coffee in the world!


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