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GIVEAWAYS: Discounts, Premiums, Gifts

* Applies to orders made at regular prices and if postage is paid in full.
** May not apply to International orders.

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FREE with your order GIVEAWAYS. Photography ©  
Please be advised that we switched to Eco Packaging from 2019, and all orders of Yarn are packed into biodegradable clear plastic bags iECO or NaturSac. Designer shoppers and totes: Vinyl or clear-frosted packing shoppers from European Yarn manufacturers might be used for orders over $250.

🌟 Depending on the total value, all orders over $100 made at regular prices are supplied with free printed patterns from Fil Katia, Estelle, Lanas Stop, Lang, Diamond, and other yarn manufacturers, or 2-6 Eucalan Woolwash pods, or free notions, or complementary Tea Samples of premium whole leaf teas and other items.
🌟 Totes, Knitting Bags: A Tote with straps/handles are supplied with purchases over $250. Tote size: 13-3/4" x 17-3/8" x 6", straps - 1-1/4" long. Yarn motifs are printed on each side of the tote. They are suitable to hold and tote a large volume of yarns, or other items.
🌟 Shipping is free for orders over $350 . * May not apply to International orders over 2 kg, or if a domestic courier service is requested. A discounted rate of up to 10% might be charged depending on the destination country.
🌟 Purchases over $350 are supplied with Free DIY Natural Perfumes and/or Aromatherapy Guides and/or complementary Tea Samples of premium whole leaf teas from our Tea House. If you have any specific tea sample(s) in mind, please request »

🌟 If you have made an order over $350 at regular prices, please request a volume purchase discount » and receive an extra 5% discount along with free shipping.
🌟 Orders over $450 made at regular prices, are also receive a special gift from our Shop: Handmade Felted Coin Purse, Knitted Animal Character, Tea Gift, etc. A 10% VIP Discount can be applied to your order instead a gift.
🌟 Request a Gift Wrap ». A Special Message can be written/printed for you on an Occasion/Holiday Card or a Gift Receipt.
🌟 Please find Excellent quality Discontinued Designer Yarns here: LAST BAG ».

NOTE: Our store does not provide yarn samples.
Shade cards are available for purchases for the following yarns:
Suri Elegance » Classic Alpaca » Aurora Handpaint » Elsness DK »



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