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Cable stitch holders
Coil knitting needle holders
Compact yarn cutters
Double-ended stitch holders
Hair pin lace tool
Knitting accessories kits
Locking stitch markers
Needle holders
Needle gauge
Pins sharpener and polisher
Point protectors (small, large)
PomPom makers
Seam ripper, eco bamboo handles
Skein holder (swift)
Split ring markers
Spring tape measures
Sweater stone
Tapestry crochet hook case
Tube case
Wool winder
Yarn ball winders
Yarn guide

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1. Wool Ball Winder: swivel rotary wool winder, plastic, table clamp type. Made in Japan.   2. Yarn Ball Winder: plastic, table mounting bracket included. Made in Taiwan.   3. Sweater Stone: removes pills from knitwear, towels, upholstery, and bedding.

4. Knitting Accessory Kit includes: point protectors, knitting register, locking stitch markers, jumbo bent-tip tapestry needle, tape measure, knitting gauge, tapestry needle № 17, double-ended stitch holders.   5. Bamboo Marking Pins: for thick and voluminous knits, length: 2-3/4", 10pc pack   6. Hair Pin Lace Tool: makes lace width 1-3 inches (2-8 cm), comes with 3 adjustable metal pins. It is perfect for long braids and interesting laces made using plied yarns or ribbons.   7. Locking Stitch Markers: designed to hook into the stitch so it won't slip out and are used for 1) marking location of a stitch within a row; 2) marking rows when increasing / decreasing, 20pc.

8. Cable Stitch Holders: 3pc set   9. Double-Ended Stitch Holders, Large: work with needles sizes from 3.75 mm to 8 mm, 2pc set   10. Double-Ended Stitch Holders, Small: work with needles sizes from 2.75 mm to 4.5 mm, 2pc per pack   11. Tapestry Crochet Hook Cases: non-fitted

12. Spring Tape Measure: 60 inches /156 cm long. It has both metric and inch measurement; fiberglass construction prevents stretching.   13. Tube Case: for straight knitting needles up to 14" long, plastic. Knitting accessories can be stored in the small removable bottom case.   14. Needle Holders: for double pointed needles. These holders are in the shape of pullover sweaters, 3 per package, each in different colour.   15. Pompom Makers, Small: set of two sizes: 35 mm and 45 mm in diameter.

16. Pompom Maker, Jumbo: size of 4-1/2" / 115 mm diameter, one per pack.   17. Seam Ripper, Eco Bamboo Handle: easily cuts threads on fabrics, perfect for ripping out seams, cutting threads and removing threads from under buttons.   18. Point Protectors, Small: made from silicon material for better elasticity and greater holding action, 4pc. For knitting needles from 2mm (No. 0) to 4.5mm (No. 7).   19. Point Protectors, Large: prevent stitches from slipping off the needle, made from silicon material for better elasticity and greater holding action. For knitting needles from 3.75mm (No. 5) to 6.5mm (No. 10 1/2).

20. Yarn Guide: helpful while knitting with two or more yarns. One size fits all.   21. Knitting Counter: hand held, for counting stitches and rows by pushing the counter button.   22. Split Ring Markers: have special curves and will not slip off the stitches, can be moved or taken off at any time.   23-24. Coil Knitting Needle Holders: durable, non-slip holders wind around knitting needles to hold them together. Large size - 3 pc set, Small size - 5 pc set.
25. Yarn Threader: a firm flat threader with a large opening, it is ideal for hard-to-thread yarns.   26. Pendant Yarn Cutter: a cutter with a sharp circular blade inside designed to cut yarn, Antique Silver finish.   27. Compact Yarn Cutters: safe cutters with blades protector. You can tuck them in your knitting bag to always have on hand.   28. Pins Sharpener and Polisher: antique style sharpener and polisher for sewing needles and pins.


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